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The purpose of this site is to provide sound advice on Firearms, Tactics and Equipment in the gunfighter arena. It's focus will not be only Defensive actions but offensive, aggressive action as well.

Because isn't a winning defensive response really a well planned counter offensive action?

Off the "X"

We didn't come up with this quote and not really sure who did but the first time we read it was on the web site from Tactical Response. Cool t-shirt if you're into shirts with guns on them. We are not affiliated with them and have never met anyone from the company. We have met a few people that have trained with them and they seemed to have liked the training. They have some pretty cool youtube videos (not that that means anything) so that's all we really know about them.

It's been said that Mohammad Ali came up with the saying but again, not really sure. If you have any solid info on this please let us know. 

It's not really important who said it first but what it means.

In the mind of a gunfighter it basically means don't be at the spot that your enemy has determined would be the perfect position for you to be in for his planned attack or ambush. 

A good example of the "X" is a mouse trap. We've all seen one sitting there, on the "X". The big "X" is the place the trap is set, the spot the mouse is most likely to have to travel through. The second "X" is the position the mouses head should be in when the ambush (the metal springy thing that snaps the mouses neck) is sprung.

Typically the saying goes "Get Off The X". By then it's too late. You live if you "Stay Off The X" or short you live "Off The X".

Visualize the "X".....Live off the "X" 

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